Semalt: 13 Winning Textual Content Types For SEO Champions

It would not be wrong to say that the users love to read simple yet informative content. For example, most people who use word content, animations, images, and videos get a large number of visitors to their sites.

There are a few ways of categorizing your articles, and Jason Adler, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, has talked about the best textual content types for search engine optimization.

1. Ultimate guides

Many people love to read guides, so you can write them on a regular basis. Most often, a guide consists of 2000 to 3000 words, and it contains all necessary information that users are looking for. When you write guides for your visitors, you will make them feel satisfied and can keep their attention intact weeks after weeks. Because of its long-term effects, a guide is easily shared and receives a large number of comments.

2. Expert round-ups

Most webmasters love writing expert round-ups as they are easy to optimize and should not be longer than 1500 words. Make sure your round-ups cover all necessary information and have dozens of natural backlinks. It would not be wrong to say that an expert round-up will take a lot of time to get written, but if it is engaging, it can get you lots of profit from AdSense and other similar networks.

3. Evergreen content

Evergreen articles are those articles that remain famous for months or years. Basically, it is easy to write evergreen topics, and they should be related to, some trends, changeable topics and news. They stay same years after years and do not need modifications once you have done with them.

4. Lists

It is fascinating to write lists, and they contain loads of information for the users. Lists can be fact-based and are actionable. If your lists are informative, readers would love to like and share them in a large number. Make sure you divide your list into short paragraphs and provide your users with all necessary information.

5. Casual blog posts

Casual blog posts are written by a large number of bloggers. As of now, they are a good way to attract people towards your site, but your emphasis should be on quality rather than quantity. Casual blog posts are always in trend and should be written in 500 words only.

6. Resource pages

Resource pages may not get your site good rank all of a sudden, but they are evergreen and do not get de-indexed easily. They are famous among SEOs and marketers and can be written in a large number. People always look for additional data on some topics so that you can provide them with the needful.

7. Article series

It is good to write articles that your readers love to read and share. There are hundreds to thousands of topics to write about. You should choose your story topics wisely and should pay attention to the requirements of your visitors. If you do not have a readership, the article series can get you lots of readers and can help you promote your brand.

8. Content spreads on different pages

If you have opened URLs that want you to visit the next pages, then this is what we call in-text links. It is one of the best tricks to engage more and more people and help them stay on your site for long. Content should be spread on a variety of pages, but there should not be irrelevant content as it can ruin the reputation of your site.

9. Information-rich content

It is important to write information-rich content. You cannot argue with anyone who has a good rank in the search engine. He is probably paying a lot of attention to such content. Information-rich articles are straightforward and should be written on a regular basis.

10. Rich category landing pages

Some people ignore that all words on your site are useful and informative. The same is applicable for category landers. When your site receives visitors, you should welcome them with different groups so that they can determine what to browse. Category landing pages provide your articles with lots of worthy information and increase your site's engagement.

11. Research posts

No doubt, research posts are always in demand so you can write them in bulk. A lot of people, especially students and scholars, look for research papers and such posts. There is always something to be improved, and you can invent a lot of ideas to attract people.

12. E-books

An e-book is an excellent way to attract your visitors toward textual content. It is one of your most powerful textual content tools to date. You can upload PDF or Word files to your site, and provide your users with downloadable content.

13. Interviews

You should conduct interviews and post them on your website or blog. Interviews can be of politicians, celebrities, and should come in the form of written material, sounds, and videos. These should be visible to everyone and should provide the people with lots of information.